What is the best workout for me?


What is the best workout for me?

If you are like me, the thought of torturing your body with exercise is not the most appealing activity. A trip to the mall (any mall) and a latte macchiato is more my style. Yet since we all know that we cannot be healthy or look good without it, exercise is a MUST! There is so much to choose from, running, walking, yoga, boxing, tennis, swimming, weight training, calisthenics, and the list goes on. So what exercise should you do?

In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of all the popular workout routines. Today though, I want to just talk about the importance of a consistent workout routine. They all work. Some may be more beneficial than others may, but discipline is the key to make any of them work for you. Whether your fat cells drip off in pools of sweat at your spinning class, or your muscles stretch in directions you did not know existed in your yoga class, you will only realize a benefit if you are consistent.

In order to be consistent you must develop a passion for your workout. So the most important thing in deciding upon a workout that is good for you, is to find one you like. Even if you feel that one exercise will be more valuable to you than the other, but you rather be doing the less beneficial workout, in the end, it is better to stick with the one you like, because at least you will do it. If you don’t connect to your workout, you will make excuses to yourself and you will skip the gym. You will skip so much that you will eventually realize that you just stopped. Therefore, the first step is to pick workout that you like. If you are not sure, than try different workouts until you get hooked.

Once you are into it, and you are looking (somewhat) forward to your workout, then you can build up your interest by learning about it and discussing it with friends who are into the same workout. When you feel you are in it, it will not feel it is a burden anymore, but a lifestyle. Get into the video clips on social media, the instructional clips from You tube, the fashion, the props, the names of fitness gurus, the entire subject.

Like in anything, if you love what you do, you will do it better, so find your workout.  Love it – own it.

The benefit will be a lean and chiseled body, clearer skin, good health and a great feeling.

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